5 cyber criminals arrested in Jamtara

Jamtara: Jamtara Cyber Police raided last night and arrested 5 cyber criminals committing cybercrimes from various areas of Karmatand, Jamtara and Narayanpur police stations.

Cyber police have arrested Vikas Mandal red-handed from Sonabad of Jamtara police station and Naresh Mandal, Sunil Mandal, Manoj De and Rajiv Nag from Siatand of Karmatand police station.

16 mobiles and 20 fake SIMs have been recovered from the arrested criminals. The arrested criminals used to cheat people in Jhansi through cybercrime by making them download AnyDesk app on their mobile and hacking money from their accounts.

While giving information in this regard to the reporters at Jamtara Cyber Police Station, Cyber DSP Ashok Kumar Ram said that the arrested cybercriminal has been involved in many cybercrimes in the past also and a case of cybercrime is registered against him in various police stations.

The arrested criminals used to trick people into downloading the AnyDesk app on their mobiles.

Then through this app, they used to withdraw money from their bank accounts and embezzle the amount through gift cards.

The arrested criminals used to deceive people and withdraw money from their bank accounts by obtaining their ATM PIN information.

After registering a case against the arrested criminals, after medical examination, they have been sent to jail under judicial protection.

Cyber DSP said that the police are taking action from its level to stop cybercrime and confiscate their property.

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