33 per cent women facing witchcraft violence are above 51 years: Report

Ranchi : A survey report released on Thursday that 33 per cent women facing violence over witchcraft are above 51 years in Jharkhand. Association or Advocacy and legal Initiative (AALI) report was released Thursday at Ranchi.

“ Around 33.3 per cent women facing violence over witchcraft are above 51 years, 24.2 per cent are of age group of 41 to 50, 28.8 per cent are of 31-4 years, 21.6 per cent- 21-30 years.” Says the report.

The worst affected are women belonging to tribal and dalits. According to reports women victims in name of witchcraft are 34.8 per cent of tribal and same per cent of dalit. The general category and OBC women victims per centage are 4.5 per cent and 25.8 per cent respectively. Speaking on the occasion, Kalyani Sharan, chairperson of Jharkhand Women Commission said “

The lack of awareness causes such incidents. The victims should come forward for justice and they will get legal support”.  peaking on the occasion Aarti Kujur, chairperson of Child Protection Commission said “ there is nothing like witchcraft. Women are tortured in the name of witchcraft.

The women who are alone are tortured either in the name of her character or in the name of witchcraft. Time is, however, changing and such incidents are declining”. As per police record more than 500 people majority of them, women have been killed after the creation of Jharkhand in 2000.

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