30,000 women benefited from Phulo Jhano campaign, Rs. 2353 lakh were distributed as loan

Ranchi:  In the state, the women who were running the house by selling bones and liquor and being involved in construction work are now earning their livelihood. Now she is doing different types of business by taking loans from the state government. They have been given loans under the Phulo Jhano campaign.

According to the statistics of the state government, more than 30 thousand women are taking advantage of this campaign in about two and a half years. So far, a loan of Rs 2353 lakh has been distributed among these people under this scheme. 

Phulo Jhano Aashirwad Abhiyan was launched with the objective of providing dignified livelihood to the women involved in the sale and construction of liquor and liquor. The first phase of the campaign started in September 2020. Through the survey, the number of women involved in this work was recorded as 15, 284. An awareness campaign was conducted among them, so that they can give a new direction to their lives associated with alternative dignified livelihood activities.

The government got success in this and 14, 243 women were linked to other alternative means of employment. In this phase, a total interest-free loan of Rs 1,424.3 lakh was made available among women. After this, the second phase of the campaign was conducted from 15 November 2021 to 28 December 2021. In this, 9,474 women were identified through the survey. And 9,291 women were successfully linked with alternative dignified livelihood activities.

929.1 lakh interest-free funds were made available to connect them with other means of employment. In this way, an amount of 2,353.4 lakh was given to women for self-employment under the scheme in two phases. Even after this, the campaign did not stop, the work of identifying women involved in bone and liquor sales and construction work continued in the entire state. As a result of which the state government has been successful in providing better life opportunities to 30,013 women linked to this scheme.

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