23 died due to lightening in Jharkhand

Ranchi, May 29 : At least 23 people have died and more than 25 were injured due to lightening, storm and rain in last two days in Jharkhand.


According to sources in the govt, 13 people on Monday and 10 on Sunday due to lightening, storm and heavy rain.  The lightening claimed three lives in Ranchi. In Chatra district three of family members died due to lightening.


The deaths due to lightening have been reported in Ramgarh, Khuti, Palamu, Hazaribagh and others. In each of the above said districts two to three people have died. Jharkhand govt has directed officials to take care of the injured people.


In Hazaribagh and Chatra the trees caught fire due to lightening.


Due to storm the power supply was disrupted for 30 hours in Ranchi on Monday And Tuesday. At few places the tress fell down and and at one place electric transformer poles fell down.


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