Yogda Hospital is no less than a boon for eye patients, people of all religions taking health benefits

Ranchi: The name of Yogda Satsang Math has become synonymous with service today as no matter where the people go to any area of Ranchi or into the middle of any community you will find such people in large numbers, who will get treatment for their eyes without spending a single penny courtesy the Yogda Satsang Sevashram Charitable Hospital.

The Service spirit is the effect that 77 percent of the people who get eye treatment here come from the Muslim community and after getting cured, they proudly say that they got their eye surgery done at Yogda Satsang Sevashram Charitable Hospital and Dr Mangat Saheb operated on him.

Maya, a resident of Ranchi Railway Colony, tells that long ago her mother Chandan Devi also had an eye operation in this Yogda Satsang Math, but earlier there was no such arrangement, now people have started using the latest technology here. Maya also says that there are two benefits of getting treated at Yogda Satsang Math. 

Firstly, you got the blessings of Paramhans Yoganand ji, you got connected with spiritual trends and secondly, there is 100 percent guarantee that you will be cured, how can anyone leave Guruji’s ashram unhappy The hospital has created such a place in the hearts of the eye patients of Bengal, Odisha and their families that every Monday, Friday and Saturday long queues of eye-patients will be seen here since morning. 

Since OPD is open here for eye treatment on these days only, whereas Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are already fixed for operation. Dr GS Mangat tells that earlier Dr Rajmohan used to serve here. He does not remember exactly, but he might have been serving since 1990. But he (GS Mangat) joined this Yogda Satsang Sevashram from 2004, which continues even today. He says that he had come to Yogda Satsang Math in Ranchi to become a monk, but he was told that serving as a doctor rather than a monk is the best service for you.

Since then, he has been focusing his attention only in this direction. He also tells that the book ‘Whispers from Eternity’ written by Paramahansa Yogananda has a great influence in his life. In which Paramahansa Yoganand ji has told how we can create conditions of divine joy for ourselves. The huge crowd of eye patients does not bother Dr GS Mangat, but invigorates him.

He gives all the credit for this to his Guru Paramahansa Yogananda. They also do not hesitate to say that I have found the purpose of living, they are going on their way. We kept on doing our duty towards God, Guru and the society in this way, and what do we need, Guru ji never let him get bored even after doing all these tasks.

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