Yoga helps me listen to my body: Mira Kapoor

New Delhi (IANSlife) Bollywood celebrity Mira Kapoor says she turned to yoga because she realised that yoga helps her listen to her body and makes her feel connected and in tune with herself.

“My yoga journey picked up after I became a mom. It helped me in ways that made me realise that yoga is more than just weight loss. It helped me strengthen myself, become flexible and more mindful. My go to yoga routine involves hip mobility and flexibility flows that includes asanas like Halasana and Sarvangasana,” Kapoor, who is also a partner at SARVA and a yoga enthusiast told IANSlife.

Kapoor is part of the yoga-based wellness brand’s ‘Achieve’, a collaborative platform where various celebrity yoga enthusiasts join hands with the brand to create goal-based workshops aimed at achieving sustainable fitness outcomes in an engaging, encouraging and interactive way.

“Collaborating with SARVA on ‘Achieve’, sharing the tips and tricks that worked for me with a larger audience is an opportunity I want to make the most of. We have solutions for people like you and me. Real bodies with real problems and real solutions.”

Asked why she recommends post-partum yoga, Kapoor shares: “Post pregnancy, my back pain (that everyone said would go after my deliveries), never really left me. I tried all sorts of remedies and routines. I realised what I needed was to ‘be healthy, feel healthy’ from within, this was more than just weight loss for me, and I decided to turn to yoga.

“Yoga cured me of my chronic back pain, sorted my gut issues and even helped with regularising my hormones. Yoga has worked wonders for me, hence I would recommend everyone to include yoga in their daily routine.”

Does she involve her husband Shahid Kapoor and their two children in it, too? “Well, I try to as much as I can, over the weekends, but we all have different schedules and goals!”

She had recently posted glimpses from a yoga session with her mother and grandmother. Asked about her takeaways from their yoga practices, she says: “I think my first takeaway is that women of all ages must continue to practice yoga. Intensities can vary but the important thing to do is be consistent. That’s my biggest takeaway.”

Sarvesh Shashi, Founder, SARVA, says, “There is a renewed interest in people wanting to live healthy and fit. The opportunity to train with celebrities with their own tried and tested methods of fitness is a particularly unique motivation for those who want that extra push to start back on their fitness journeys or even to motivate themselves to do more for their health. This is where we are aiming to make a positive impact through ‘Achieve’. We have collaborated with celebrities who have used the power of yoga to transform and manage their own health and fitness. They will now share their personal yoga journeys. favourite routines, and techniques with the audience. Anything that will get people off their arduous work schedules and dedicate some time for themselves”.

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