Yoga Camp Organised by Yogoda Satsang Society (YSS) ahead of 9th International Day of Yoga in Ranchi

Ranchi: Yogoda Satsanga Society of India’s (YSS) Ranchi ashram hosted over 500 persons including many first-time visitors in a special programme introducing the basics of yoga meditation ahead of 9th International Day of Yoga.

The theme of the Yoga was “Discover Inner Tranquillity Through Yoga-Meditation,” senior YSS sannyasi Swami Ishwarananda Giri encouraged truth-seekers to explore the inner tranquillity that resides within each of us. Swami Ishwaranandaji shared about this book: “The life-story of Yoganandaji has touched the hearts and minds of millions around the globe, and has introduced countless readers to India’s ancient science of Yoga and to the scientific methods for attaining God-realization that are India’s unique and lasting contribution to world civilization.”

Yoganandaji’s contribution to the spread of the “how-to-live” Kriya Yoga teachings worldwide, Swamiji said: “With a deep understanding of human conditions and challenges faced by mankind,

Paramahansa Yoganandaji had deep sympathy for the suffering mankind in his heart,” adding, “He gave to the world a practical method by which spiritual aspirants from all walks of life could experience peace and achieve the ultimate goal of self-realization.” Offering the newcomers a taste of the peace that can be experienced through yoga, Swamiji led them into a guided meditation session in Hindi which included the practice of the correct posture, preliminary breathing exercises, an affirmation, and a visualization.

Around 2,500 persons also joined the live-stream of this programme via YouTube from across the countrywide ashrams, kendras and mandalis of the spiritual organization. Swamiji clarified the true meaning of yoga to the audience: “Most people think of yoga as limited to Haṭha Yoga.

However, the real meaning of yoga is the union of the soul with God. The Kriya Yoga path of meditation as taught by Yoganandaji leads the human consciousness to this state of inner union. And the foundation of this path is the regular practice of  scientific meditation.

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