Who is the real owner of black money coming to India from foreign shell companies asks Gaurav Vallabh

Ranchi: All India Congress Committee spokesperson Professor Gaurav Vallabh has targeted the Modi government in the Adani case. In a press conference held at the party headquarters on Wednesday, he has asked the central government who is the real owner of black money coming to India from foreign shell companies.

During this State President Rajesh Thakur, Spokesperson Rajeev Ranjan Prasad, Rakesh Sinha were present. Gaurav Vallabh said that the countrymen want to know how a group of dubious credentials (Adani) is monopolizing India’s properties. The group is alleged to have links with foreign shell companies operating from tax haven countries.

Government agencies are either not taking any action on all these or are busy in facilitating all these suspicious activities. He has asked that the country wants to know why Prime Minister Narendra Modi helped a friendly capitalist to become the second richest person in the world. Why are they silent on this serious international revelation he asked.

The Congress leader said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has helped Adani establish hegemony in the ports sector as well by using all the means available to him.

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