Tribal society has history of struggle: Hemant Soren

Rairangpur, Odisha: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Friday said that the tribal society has had a history of struggle and they have never bowed down or got scared before injustice.

Speaking on the 119th birth anniversary of the great Santali litterateur and inventor of Olchiki script, Guru Gomke Pandit Raghunath Murmu at Dandbos after paying his tributes at his Samadhi Peeth (memorial) and the statue he said that with their bravery struggle and leadership, the tribals made even the British run away.

During this, the Chief Minister visited the Samadhi Peeth complex and interacted with the local people. Chief Minister said that people can never forget his unforgettable contribution in the development of Santali language and literature. He gave a new script to Santali in the form of Olchiki.

Especially his role in preserving and enriching the tradition, art culture and language-literature of the tribal society is recorded in golden letters in the pages of history. He devoted his entire life to spread the message of education, especially among the tribals he said adding that the creations and works of Pandit Raghunath are immortal.

Today, Santali language and literature has its own rich tradition, so Pandit Raghunath Murmu’s biggest contribution is in this he said. Hemant Soren said that there have been many heroes like Dharti Aba Birsa Munda, Tilka Manjhi, Amar Shaheed Sido-Kanhu, Veer Budhu Bhagat and Telanga Khadiya who led the movements against the exploitation and injustice of the British rule and the zamindars.

He said that tribal heroes have never bowed down against injustice and have never been afraid and shook the roots of British rule with his bravery, struggle and leadership ability and all the people were proud of such brave martyrs. Cabinet Minister Champai Soren and many dignitaries were also present on the occasion.

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