‘The Lady Killer’ trailer blends romance, crime & thriller

Mumbai (IANS) Actor Arjun Kapoor and actress Bhumika Padnekar’s upcoming film ‘The Lady Killer’ sublimely blends in romance, crime, and suspense as director Ajay Bahl’s new outing goes all out on the neo-noir-psychological-erotic-crime-thriller aspect in the film’s trailer.

‘The Lady Killer’ shows Arjun Kapoor as some kind of private investigator who enters a massive mansion. Inside the splendid structure, the actor meets Bhumi who looks like she is the caretaker of the house.

The two soon end up having a relationship that borders on the line of a purely sexual one to one that lies on the edge of some kind of toxic romance. The trailer cuts to shots of the police investigating some crime which seems to have a connection with Arjun and Bhumi.

Featuring a very bleak aesthetic that goes hand in hand with the noir style of filmmaking that Ajay Bahl is known for, the trailer shows the romance of the two going increasingly toxic as Bhumi’s own mindset shows her to be a rather possessive woman.

Soon, the police begin investigating the pair for a crime which likely alludes to some kind of murder as the end shot shows the actress wiping off blood off the floor with a cloth, squeezing it and putting it into a bucket.

There is a lot of moroseness in the whole design of the trailer as well as its aesthetic. Perhaps the title ‘The Lady Killer’ has been used very literally as someone seems to have murdered a lady, but either way the dark and bleak setting here creatively harbours the essence of a toxic and obsessive romance.

This is able to incorporate a feel of a psychological horror as the trailer does not shy away from showing the movie’s graphic erotic scenes which do more than just add spice, but is rather a big point of the movie.

The trailer also harbours a similar feel to Bahl’s 2013 film ‘B.A Pass’ which was tonally very similar. ‘The Lady Killer’ will hit theatres on November 3, 2023.

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