Ten girls of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Residential School Khunti qualify for JEE Mains 2023

Khunti: Ten girl students of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Residential School, Khunti have qualified for JEE-MAIN 2022. This achievement is a successful result of the Sapno ki Udaan program started on the initiative of Deputy Commissioner Shashi Ranjan. 

10 girl students have set an example for other girl students by achieving this feat. There is an atmosphere of happiness in Kasturba Gandhi Girls Residential School, Khunti family, Warden, Teacher etc.

In the academic session 2021-23, in the second phase, 18 for engineering and 39 for medical, a total of 57 girl students were enrolled, in which 10 engineering students have passed the JEE Mains examination. The successful girls included Alyssa Hassa, Sohni Bakhala, Angel Zion, Cannon Mary Kondulna, Saraswati Kumari, Suchita Surin, Pushpa Kandulana, Santoshi Kumari, Shruti Kumari, and Nisha Kumari.

The district administration will prepare the said girl students for JEE Advance exam in Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Kalamati and will try to enroll in higher educational institutions by providing necessary support in counseling of all girl students.

The district administration wishes them a bright future. Under the Aspirational District Program, the result of a unique initiative aimed at taking the students of Khunti towards a bright future is now showing positively. In this initiative, through the “Flight of Dreams” program, there is an effort to ensure a strong education system for the girl students of the district.

For this, online/ offline education is being provided to girl students of classes 11th and 12th of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya in Khunti district, strengthening them in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics subjects and helping them passing them in ITI and medical examinations.

These girl students are being taken forward for the preparation of IIT and Medical by giving required cooperation by the district administration. Passed-out students shared their experiences, how they dreamed of a bright future by joining the Sapno Ki Udaan campaign, with the continuous support of the Deputy Commissioner and this initiative.

Student Nisha Kumari said that she never thought that this dream is possible to come true, she will become the first engineer from her home. She thanked the district administration for this initiative. Along with this, Angel tells that she has qualified JEE after coming from a remote area, this is an achievement for me and this confidence will continue to grow.

The girl students said that by joining the flight of dreams program, they came to know how to prepare and got the courage to work hard. He said that it is necessary to dream, only then the way will be found to fulfill the dreams. They gave a message to other girl students like her to join this campaign and move towards their bright future and fulfill their dreams. 

In view of the geographical environment of Khunti district, implementation of the new thinking of the Deputy Commissioner with the aim of making expected progress in the education of girl students living in remote rural areas, economically backward, orphans and single parents and to advance the girl child in every field.

Under the direction of the Aspirational District Program, the “Sapno Ki Udaan” program was started. The Deputy Commissioner has continuously met the girls themselves for a better future, motivating them to move forward in the field of education, whose positive results are showing. The program is a very important and innovation-based program of the district. 

With the cooperation of the district administration, free coaching has been arranged for the girl students enrolled in class 12th science faculty of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya for the preparation of admission in medical and engineering institutes. 

Under this, coaching is being provided to girl students through the Ranchi branch of the prestigious coaching institute Career Point, Kota, Rajasthan. With the operation of this program by the district administration, economically weak girl students living in remote areas have got a better opportunity to move forward.

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