Taapsee Pannu talks fashion and social media

New Delhi (IANSlife) Grooving to an iconic Kishore Kumar song from the 80s, Taapsee Pannu delivers an inspirational message to the youth of the country, let the world see who you are!

“I always prioritise comfort over everything. I love wearing cotton outfits and mostly prefer wearing layered looks. You would often spot me in western outfits but the Indian Saree will always be my absolute favourite,” says Pannu of her summer fashion style, adding, “Additionally, I also love pairing all my outfits with a pair of statement sunglasses, as they add all that jazz to it.”

What does the actress feel about minimalism which is in the spotlight when it comes to fashion trends at the moment?

“Minimalism is about showcasing authenticity with the concept of less is more, it lets the individual’s personality shine through with a bare minimum,” she adds.

The youth icon features in Vogue Eyewear’s new campaign inspire youngsters to embrace their individuality. “This is primarily one of the reasons that I am super excited about this association and campaign. I believe Vogue eyewear’s latest collection of chic, fresh and retro-glam styles is apt for every outfit. My personal favourite and a seasonal must-have from the latest collection is the 90s’ inspired metal sunglass style with a modern twist – VO4235S.”

Taapsee also feels, “with increased screentime, eyewear has become a necessity, considering screen time has increased and eye fatigue and headaches have become common. Therefore not only in terms of a fashion accessory but also in terms of utility, eyewear is important.”

When it comes to OTT, Taapsee feels that “the medium has made movie watching more convenient, accessible and affordable amongst the audience all across. It’s solved the need of the hour during the times of Covid-19 and kept us going as the viewers consumed more and more content.”

She also feels, “Social media is an ever-growing space and has given us immense power to build and form opinions. Hence we should be treading carefully with every move we make our comments may or may not impact someone’s confidence. I do spend considerate time on social media wherein I have had moments where doubts set in due to the numerous number of trolls

This is the second year of her collaboration with the brand, and of her association, she reveals, “I love the versatility of Vogue Eyewear’s collection, as it seamlessly fits into my personal style. Right from classic and chic to avant-garde and trendy, the brand caters to varied preferences, and there is a style for everyone! The styles are also affordable which makes it even more accessible to the younger generation.”

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