Subhash Munda was killed to weaken the Red Flag – Dr. Ramchandra Dom

Ranchi: By holding a press conference on behalf of the Jharkhand State Committee of CPI (M), the murder of Subhash Munda was described as a political conspiracy.

Addressing the press conference, the party’s state secretary Prakash Viplav said that the process of state-wide protest action by CPM and other left parties, social organizations, mass organizations and civil society is going on against this massacre.

In this episode, a huge tribute meeting will be held at Daladli Chowk on 3rd August.

Apart from the state leadership of the Left parties, CPM’s Politburo member Brinda Karat will also address it.

Prakash Viplav said that after this incident, continuous efforts were made to contact the Chief Minister’s Secretariat so that a delegation of the party could meet the Chief Minister, but the Chief Minister’s Secretariat is so ineffective that despite being contacted dozens of times, no response was received.

Politburo member and former MP Dr. Ramchandra Dom called for an investigation of this ruthless murder case from every aspect.

Demanded that the culprits be punished within a time limit.

He said that if Subhash Munda had been only a land trader, there would not have been so much public anger over his murder and thousands of people from all over the region would not have participated in his funeral procession.

The things that are being propagated about Subhash Munda that he was a land businessman are completely baseless.

This politics is being propagated to hide the conspiracy.

Subhash Munda was always vocal against the illegal loot of land by the land mafia, to get back the land grabbed by the tribals.

Against this loot, he used to stand firmly in favour of the poor and the tribals.

Subhash Munda represented the third generation of the communist movement in Daldali area.

His grandfather Shukra Munda who was an ex-soldier and had lost a leg in the war.

After retiring from the army, he joined the Communist Party.

In this area, he always used to struggle against the exploitation of tribals and other poor.

Taking inspiration from him, in the Panchpargana area of Ranchi, there was a historic struggle in the 70s and 80s against the moneylenders who usurped the land of the poor and tribals.

Just three months before the formation of Jharkhand, the tea garden of Daldali, which was the land of the tribals.

After independence, the British had illegally handed over this land to the local landowners.

The battle to save it was fought under the leadership of Shukra Munda.

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