SSP suspends nine policemen of Ranchi District Force for gambling

Ranchi: Late last Saturday night, 20 people including 14 policemen were caught gambling in Ranchi Police Lines. Taking action in this matter, SSP Chandan Kumar Sinha suspended nine policemen of Ranchi District Force with immediate effect. The remaining five policemen are from JAP. The Commandant of JAP will take action against him.

In this case, SSP said that nine policemen of the Ranchi district force have been suspended. The policeman and other people caught gambling were released on PR bond from Gonda police station. 3 lakh, 50 Thousand rupees were also recovered from them. Whereas if we look at the records of the last three months, raids were conducted on gambling dens in various police station areas.

During this time the police recovered lakhs of rupees from the gambling den. More than 51 gamblers were arrested. The police had also sent these gamblers to jail. At the same time, the team of Gonda police station registered an FIR against the policemen who were caught gambling only under Section 11 of the Gambling Act. All the arrested people have got bail from the police station.

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