SSP inspected RIMS prisoner ward and arrested two in bike robbery case

Ranchi: SSP Chandan Sinha inspected RIMS on Monday.

During this, the SSP inspected many other places including the prisoner ward of RIMS.

During the inspection, the SSP gave several instructions to the RIMS management to improve the security arrangements and to the policemen deployed on the spot.

The notorious chain snatcher Shakib alias Deba, who was undergoing treatment at RIMS, escaped after dodging the police. Recently, the police had arrested him near Argora Chowk.

One of his legs was broken while trying to escape during arrest.

After that he was undergoing treatment at RIMS. Meanwhile, on Sunday afternoon, his companion tricked the police and took him away.

Because Deba could not walk because his leg was broken.

Deva’s leg is plastered and cannot walk.

It is being told that there is a woman with him.

Shakib escaped with the help of the woman and others.

Police are conducting raids in search of the miscreant.

The security of the RIMS prisoner ward is being breached again and again.

On the morning of 31st October, a prisoner named Suraj Munda had escaped from the prisoner ward of RIMS by dodging the police.

Even before this, on September 12, a prisoner named Iljarat Vasheer had escaped with handcuffs from RIMS Hospital.

Chi police has arrested two criminals while busting the bike robbery case.

The arrested criminals include Raunit Oraon and Raj Kumar.

Police have recovered the looted bike and the scooter used in the incident from them.

On November 30, a KTM motorcycle was looted from a young man who had come to visit Dhurva Dam and the miscreants fled towards Ring Road via Sithio.

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