‘Splitsvilla X4’: Moose Jattana supports Hiba during kabaddi match

Mumbai (IANS) ‘Splitsvilla X4’ contestant Moose Jattana came forward to support her co-contestant Hiba Trablessi during a Kabaddi match as she was all left alone and no one took her in their team.

It is seen on the show in the previous episodes that Hiba has no connection and she is often ignored by other contestants.

In another task where girls have to team up for a task no one cared to ask her to join them. This makes her upset and she started feeling left out.

Later, Moose came forward to support her and said: “All these girls who wanted her support in the last game, who took her help, these girls are all fake. Everyone plays according to their convenience and when they wanted Hiba, they took advantage of her.”

“Today, when she is left alone and confused, you guys don’t want to step in. I don’t mind pairing up with Hiba if anyone doesn’t want to,” she added.

‘Splitsvilla X4’ airs on MTV.

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