Spice up Diwali with themed gifting

New Delhi (IANSlife) Festivals are never complete without gifting our beloveds. To spice up this Diwali, Arpit Chawla and Anchal Sharma, Co-Founders, Meetha Shagun (MS), who offer conceptualised and themed gifting, suggest tips for a delightful festive gift basket for all and anyone.

Gift Basket for Kids

Considering the popularity of confectionery among children, MS is constantly working towards making chocolate hampers that gain high popularity among children, for example the Mickey Mouse or Car thematic ideas. The MS keeps the basket colorful by incorporating candy, gems, lollipops to match the children’s ideas.

Gift Basket for Women

Considering women’s sensitivity to minute details, the MS packaging seeks to replicate the embodiment of sophistication, perfectly portraying the uniqueness of the product and at the same time complementing the women’s zest. A jewelry box, bangles, watches, rings, earrings and many more articles can be incorporated against the backdrop of floral theme decorations to suit the theme, which can be modified according to the customer’s wishes.

Gift Basket for Men

Men embrace the inclusion of tie, wallet, etc., and many other products that can be used in everyday life. A personal touch can be given by putting a nameplate on the package.

Gift Basket for Families

In the family basket, it is important to meet the needs and demands of every individual. To suit the taste of all, minute details have to be adhered to. And keeping this in mind, MS has a provision of sugar as well as sugar-free sweets. The chocolate is a universal favourite which is also included in the package. Apart from edibles, home decor items are very popular these days. In addition, the package, in particular, includes the premium date chocolates, coffee, hibiscus tea to make it the complete package for a family.

Gift Basket for Dating Divas

In order to accolade the festive occasion, personalised cards can be used to convey messages, adding on to the dating aura. Even a couple rings are part of the package giving an added advantage to the dating divas.

With Diwali around the corner, MS is offering a 10 per cent festive discount on all orders. It is accompanied by a personal message card from the sender to the receiver. In an attempt to enhance the celebrations, electric lamps and small table lamps are being offered. To nail the deal a special 24 karat gold laddu and a small Ganesh idol are also among the special offer.

The brand is currently selling its products through an e-commerce website and social media platforms. The collection can be surfed and purchased online through Meetha Shagun.

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