Speaker oust BJP MLA Randhir Singh for unruly behaviour

Ranchi: Speaker Ravindranath Mahto ousted BJP’s Sarath MLA from the house during the ongoing Monsoon Session for his unruly behaviour.

Earlier as soon as the house commenced proceedings for the day the MLAs of the BJP once again indulged in slogan shouting over the issue of  verdict of the High Court which had cancelled the recruitment policy of the previous government and also cancelled the advertisement for 100 percent reservation of jobs for high school teachers in 13 districts of the state.

The MLAs of the BJP started slogan shouting over the matter accusing the state government of working against the interest of the Adivasis and Moolvasis of the state.

Speaker Ravindranath Mahto asked the MLAs to return back to their seat and allow the house to function. As the BJP MLAs were returning back he asked as to whether this is how things would run in the house over which Randhir Singh said that yes this is how things would happen. The MLA twice repeated the words ‘Haan Aisa Hi Hoga’ (Yes it will happen like this) after which the Speaker got angry and asked the Marshall’s of the house to ousted the MLA from the house. However, in the post-lunch session the MLA was called back inside the house.

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