Sammed Shikhar- Marangburu dispute: Tribals march to Parasnath, public meeting on January 10

Giridih: Despite the agreement between the people of both religions on behalf of the district administration and JMM MLA Sudivya Kumar Sonu regarding Parasnath many tribal leaders are not ready to back down.

Jharkhand Bachao Morcha and Adivasi Sengal Abhiyan will reach Madhuban in Parasnath on Tuesday and there will be a general meeting of the tribals. National President of Sengal Abhiyan and former MP Salkhan Murmu said that the meeting held on Sunday was of JMM in which no solution was found.

Parasnath hill is a pilgrimage site for the Santhal tribals and there is the Marangburu place of worship of the tribals. For centuries this place has been of tribals only and that is why the Jharkhand government should immediately declare it a place of pilgrimage for tribals. It is not going to be solved by merely making it a pilgrimage site for Jains and banning tourism activities. 

On the other hand, JMM MLA Lobin Hembram said that there will be a gathering in Parasnath on January 10 in any case. Tribals of many states including Jharkhand are about to reach there. The final decision will be taken in this meeting only.

He said that he welcomes the initiative of the district administration but the decision that has been taken is not permanent as the controversy will continue and therefore Parasnath hill has to be declared as a place of pilgrimage for tribals. Without this tribals are not ready to accept anything.

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