RIL’s contribution to national exchequer crosses Rs 5 triliion in last three years

New Delhi (IANS) Reliance Industries is one of India’s largest contributors to the national exchequer with its consolidated contribution crossing over Rs 5 lakh crore in the three years from FY21 to FY23.

Reliance’s contribution to national exchequer stood at Rs 1,77,173 crore in FY23, marginally down from Rs 188,012 crore of FY22.

The company continues to be the largest taxpayer in India, contributing Rs 1,77,173 crore to the national exchequer by way of various direct and indirect taxes, mentioned the annual report.

This was over 5 per cent of Indian government’s budgeted expenditure for last three years.

Reliance Industries Limited issued its Annual Report for FY23 on Saturday.

The company will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Monday, August 28.

Among other things, the RIL Annual Report mentioned about the progress made by all its business verticals viz. Retail, Digital Services, O2C and E&P, and spoke about RIL’s intentions in the Green Energy field.

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