Realising the dreams of young girls

New Delhi (IANSlife) Yuvati, an ancient Ayurvedic concept, describes the period of a teenage girl’s life when she begins to come of age in a variety of ways and forge her own personality and route. She starts to develop into a woman as she absorbs various life experiences and when her dreams start to become more vivid than ever. With the introduction of the Yuvati Selection, Forest Essentials has taken this ethos to the next level by supporting and contributing to the aspirations of young females and children nationwide.

14-year-old Maleesha Kharwa, a rising content creator is on a mission to dispel social stereotypes and the constraints of class and caste, presents Yuvati by Forest Essentials. Maleesha has been laying the foundation to realise her goals of a better living, a better education, and financial independence for her and her family. Through this program, Forest Essentials gives Maleesha the opportunity to receive an education, assist her in realising her goal of becoming a supermodel, and expand her vision by giving other young girls the same opportunity.

A portion of the proceeds from the Yuvati Selection will go to Project Paathshala, a charity project sponsored by Forest Essentials and operated by the non-profit Simple Education Foundation (SEF) in New Delhi.

Commenting on the initiative, Mira Kulkarni, Chairman & Managing Director of Forest Essentials said: “At Forest Essentials, we have not only given careful thought to our products, ingredients, and packaging but also directed efforts towards empowering women via employment, a cornerstone of the Forest Essentials ethos. With this collection, we hope to set a precedent for more such cause-driven initiatives that empower young minds, give them the tools to carve their own path and achieve their dreams, no matter how large or small they may seem.”

The Yuvati collection features a large box, replete with a face and bath ritual of 7 products, priced at INR 4,950 and a small box for INR 1,800 containing four products. The boxes are available in-stores and online at

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