Re-imagine your interior space

New Delhi (IANSlife) Social distancing and working from home are the new normal, among other lifestyle changes seeded by the pandemic. The current times have everyone spend more time at home with family. While its a great way to stay safe and closer to your family, it does have its challenges.

Staying at home calls for a dedicated space not just for work, but also demands enough and ideal space for different scenarios such as studies, entertainment and some me-time as well. Managing the new normal can mean re-imagining the space that allows you to be who you are at all times.

Here are a few tips from Nagabhushan, Head of Design, Script by Godrej and Boyce to manage the desire for ideal spaces at home.

Making space for everyone — Striking the right balance

With everyone being at home at all times, it’s important to have well-defined individual as well as collective space. The living or the dining areas facilitate activities with multiple users. Rearrangement of these areas is effortless and help the family coexist without any encumbrance to each other. For instance, one can use the dining space for work while the other uses the seating area to have some me-time. Rearrangement of these areas is effortless and help the family coexist without any encumbrance to each other.

The ease with which a space can transform from a collective space into an individual space could be aided by pieces such as side tables, lamps or storage.

Scripting the perfect me-time

Guest room or a bedroom can accommodate individual space, or one could create a compact or elaborate home office setup. These spaces can double up as zones that allow you to indulge in some me-time. These can be immensely conducive for those who enjoy being by themselves and need a quiet space to focus or unwind. The Dwell Ecosystem by Script can help you with some me-time with a coffee table, cosy armchair, bookshelves for your library and a bookrest that holds your page, reminding you to pick up where you left off. It’ll help you create your own zone and let you enjoy your own company.

Ensuring comfort and safety

Create layouts in your spaces you use for entertainment in a way that doesn’t hamper your experience of leisure while it is spaced out or laid out in a manner that helps maintain distance. Mix and match your couch with other easy chairs or easy to move poufs which will help create the perfect setup. Arrange a comfortable sofa in a spacious spread for when you host colleagues or a watch party with your friends at home.

Creating a positive aura to stay motivated

It is possible that staying at home continuously can strike you with gloom. To keep those feelings at bay, surround yourself with things that make you feel happy — plants, pictures, quirky showpieces or your travel treasures. This helps you stay motivated as well create a good backdrop while you immerse yourself in your tasks at home.

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