Rally up the forces with India’s only all women Supercar Club

New Delhi (IANSlife) India’s first and only women’s supercar club, Queens Drive Club (QDC), is hosting its 3rd Drive on February 19, 2023 preluding International Women’s Day. To uplift, motivate and break the stereotype associated with women, Ritika Jatin Ahuja, Founder and also the Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Head at Big Boy Toyz, launched the club in February 2022. The club targets a niche sector and intends to create a coterie of women who not only share similar interests but also desire to interact and network to create a women-led society to empower each other.

This year the drive invites women from across the country wherein the club already has 100 women registrations including 7 women from different cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Chandigarh among others flying to Gurgaon along with their supercars to join the others for the drive.

To add more stars to the show, women shall hear about the journey and gather the takeaways from the trailblazers themselves as they witness an empowering session with leading women like Malika DattSadani, Owner of Mom & Co; Dr. Rajita Chaudhari, Owner of IIPM and avid author, educator, speaker and artist; Shivani Malik, Owner of Da Milano among others.

The members will meet at the Big Boy Toyz showroom in Gurgaon at 2:30 p.m. The drive then commences with a flag-off at 3:00 p.m., following which the members rally on a decided route and return to the showroom within an hour. They then gather on the roof for a sundowner with food, music, and fun activities for the women to give them a relaxing and rejuvenating self-care time such as foot and shoulder massages by Levo spa & salon, and tarot card reading by Pious Sood.

Women from across the country can now participate in the same with their supercars by registering themselves on the website and enjoying the drive to the fullest. They can also become a member of the club with an annual membership fee.

Some of these names include Ritika Jatin Ahuja, Yuvika Chaudhary, actress, Paromita Chaudhary, owner of Rajwada Group from Calcutta, and Sugandh Jolly, owner of Wonderland Schools, Amrita Kak, singer, among others.

Ritika Ahuja, COO of Big Boy Toyzand Founder of Queen’s Drive Club, said, “As we are close to the big day, I feel ecstatic and overwhelmed with the response we have received from women across the country. Our first drive in February 2022 was an amazing experience and I always knew it was a great start to something big. As we approach the drive day, the numbers are only growing. Queen’s Drive Club is home to like-minded women, passionate and diligent towards their dreams and love for cars. We invite all women to join us on the February 19, 2023, drive with us through the city and meet other outstanding women from other parts of the country coming together to celebrate womanhood, enjoy the drive, and create some wonderful memories.”

She further added, “With this year’s drive, I look forward to expanding and creating a stronger community where women drivers and car fanatics can unite, support each other and be a part of a women-led society. I dream of driving through every city with my power girls in the future, touching every girl’s heart in the country, motivating and empowering them to follow their dreams, chase them, and letting them believe that nothing is going to stop them from being whom they dream of.”

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