Prime Minister inaugurated two ambitious projects of CCL

Dhanbad: Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually inaugurated two important projects of CCL: “Tori – Shivpur Rail-Line Triplening” and “North Urimari Coal Handling Plant”.

Incorporating the principle of ‘PM Gati Shakti Master Plan’ of the Government of India in the coal sector, these projects have been started to improve the speed of coal dispatch and environment-friendly transportation.

Along with the inauguration of Hindustan Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (HURL) in Sindri, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also inaugurated various projects in which these two projects of CCL were also included.

The work of Tori – Shivpur rail-line tripling was done by East-Central Railway.

This is a dedicated railway corridor which is to be used for dispatch of coal.

The total cost of this project is Rs. 894.00 crores.

Its length is 44.37 kilometers and it has a total of 6 intermediate railway stations and sidings – Biratoli, Kusumahi, Balumath, Bukru, Manatu and Phulbasia.

Doubling of Tori – Shivpur rail-line was earlier done in March, 2021.

This railway corridor will not only meet the needs of various projects of CCL but also the dispatch needs of government and private mines allotted by the Government of India.

With the commencement of this project, the dispatch capacity will increase from the present 40-45 million tonnes per year to 100 million tonnes per year.

The arrival of this railway line will speed up the transportation of coal and the impact on the environment through transportation will also reduce.

Related to transportation of coal from mine to railway siding.

North Urimari Coal Handling Plant (CHP), under first mile railway connectivity, has a modern system of evacuation of coal from the open mine of Urimari to the nearest railway circuit from where the coal is transported to the thermal power plants and other consumers across the country.

At present, coal from these mines is brought by tipper by road to North Urimari and Saunda railway siding.

This coal handling plant is a closed-loop and fully mechanized system which will speed up the transportation of coal by reducing the road traffic.

The plant consists of a hopper, crusher, and coal storage bunker of 20,000 tonne capacity and conveyor belt.

With the help of which coal will be transferred to railway wagons through silo bunkers with storage capacity of 4000 tonnes.

The total cost of this 7.5 million tonne per annum capacity project is Rs. 292 crores.

With its launch, there will be a reduction in diesel consumption as well as a huge reduction in dust and vehicle-borne carbon emissions.

With the commencement of both the projects, it will be possible to increase employment generation and complete development of related areas.

These projects will definitely prove to be a “game changer” in coal transportation, uninterrupted supply of coal and energy security in the region.

CCL’s vision is to be “Energy Sentinel of the Nation”, working with team spirit to meet the energy needs of the country.

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