Prevent your baby’s skin from pollutants

New Delhi, Oct 31 (IANSlife) As Delhi gets engulfed in smog, it is very important to take special care of your baby’s skin. The harmful pollutants in the air can hamper your little one’s skin if proper care is not taken. A team of experts from Cetaphil Baby shares a few handy tips to ensure their skin doesn’t lose nourishment.

Air purifier: Invest in a good air purifier for your kids and yourself. Since most allergies stem from dust, an air purifier is ideal to help clean the home environment and remove dust and any other harmful particles.

Right clothing: Make sure your baby is covered well. Breathable cotton wears and ethnic wear is ideal.

Keep their skin nourished: October is also the onset of winters; the rapid seasonal shift will leave your baby’s skin dry. Make sure your baby’s skin is well nourished and moisturised. While visiting relatives or travelling, carry a trusted baby lotion at all times.

Manage outdoor time: Tracking air quality ensures that you can better manage the baby’s outdoor time during Diwali. Walk them in the morning when the air is fresher. Ensure they are well rested ahead of the busy festive evenings.

Massage is necessary: With all the stickiness due to Diwali pollutants make sure you massage them regularly which will leave your little one feeling relaxed and at ease.

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