PM Modi’s arrival is a good fortune for Jharkhand and BJP – Babulal

Ranchi:  There has been a slight amendment in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Jharkhand. Now the Prime Minister will come to Ranchi not on 15th but a day earlier on 14th November at 8 pm. After coming to Ranchi, the Prime Minister will go straight to Raj Bhavan, where he will rest for the night. After this, on November 15, after paying obeisance to Lord Birsa Munda at Birsa Chowk, he will go to his village Ulihatu. This information was given by state BJP president Babulal Marandi.

On the amendment in the Prime Minister’s programme, he said that it is a matter of good fortune for the people of Jharkhand and the state BJP that he will be here for two days. In the first two-three hours of the programme, it was possible that people from our party could also meet him or not. But after staying for two days, people from our party can also meet him. 

Babulal Marandi said that November 15 is important for BJP, state and country. On 15 November 2002, our former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee formed Jharkhand. This year Jharkhand has become a complete youth of 23 years.

The Prime Minister’s visit on such an occasion is a matter of good fortune for the entire people of Jharkhand. It is important for this state because till date no government has done the work of honoring freedom fighter Lord Birsa Munda. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced last year to celebrate this day as National Tribal Pride Day. 

That’s why this day is very important. In response to a question, he said that it is not that the situation there did not change after the visits of Home Minister Amit Shah, former President K Kovind and former Union Minister Rajnath Singh. Many schemes are going on there. Roads developed. Now the Prime Minister himself is coming, so definitely PM is PM, he will definitely do something new or different. 

When Babulal Marandi was asked whether he would raise the issue of saving Sarna Dharma Code and HEC when the Prime Minister arrives. On this he said that it is not that there is a demand for religious code today. Has been happening for years. What we will say to the PM, what information we will give, what we will demand, this information cannot be shared with the media right now.

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