Only tribals can save water, forest and land: Chief Minister

Ranchi: Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that water, forest and land are the gods of not only the tribal society but of the entire human. Speaking at the conclusion of the two-day historic Mudma Jatra on Thursday he said that only tribals can save water, forest and land and neither the Forest Department nor the DFO nor the Rangers can save the water and the forest. He said that the Mudma Jatra Shakti Sthal would be rejuvenated and whatever contribution is needed towards the Mudma Mela will be given.

The Chief Minister said that this fair is also a part of our society and he has always come here. Adding further he said that this fair has been held here since time immemorial. Continuing further he said the danger of disintegration in the society was increasing and that is when Dishom Guru Shibu Soren, Bandhu Tirkey Dharmguru Bandhan Tigga built such a foundation vehicle in this fair that today people from all over the country come to roam around.

Today it is not the job of any one individual to protect society but everyone should contribute to this as only then this society will survive. He said that the government can be a protector and can give orders but to keep this system alive, the people of the society will have to move forward.

Chief Minister Soren said that when the dream of the formation of the state was seen people used to laugh when Guruji started this movement. They used to say that the tribal people would take a separate state and those who drink liquor and will run the rule but a separate state was formed he said adding that it is also true that people have suffered a lot due to alcohol. 

He said that the post of Chief Minister is not in his family and it was found because of struggle. The tribal society will not be saved by building big buildings he said adding that is why was the Sarna Dharma Code proposal not passed in 20 years. Why is the protection and promotion of Sarna-Masna happening today he asked saying that it is the job of every person in the society to save the Mudma
Jatra site.

The Chief Minister said that one generation made this state and now it is the responsibility of the new generation to save the society and the state for this we will do everything that strengthens the society. Today is a strange situation. I have seen a lot in this age itself. Now we too get disappointed, seeing the plight of the tribal society. 

The Chief Minister said that Corona came as soon as the government was formed and when the corona was dealt with then the drought came. Today the government gave paddy seeds and manure ahead of time but after that, the rain betrayed the farmers He asked the women to stop walking with liquor and liquor on their foreheads and take the schemes of the government on the forehead. as the government is running many schemes for you.

Minister Aalamgir Alam said that this Mudma Jatra mail is centuries old. It was not held for two years due to the Corona crisis but our Hindustani tradition is our identity and people have been carrying forward what the ancestors started. Organizing the fair also provides employment to the people and the tradition also moves forward. We will develop this area by running a scheme from the government’s side and will also improve roads.

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