Once a major attraction, Amethi park now abandoned

Musafirkhana (Amethi) (IANS)┬áThirty-seven years after it was inaugurated by then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, a children’s park here in Amethi lies virtually abandoned.

At a stone’s throw distance from National Highway 56, the Kadunala Mrig Vihar Park is in a poor shape, with broken windows and filth littered in and around the area.

Also known as Forest Park, it is situated only three kilometres from Musafirkhana, a small hamlet, was inaugurated by Rajiv Gandhi in July 1982.

The park was built keeping in mind the children of the area.

But a one-room building, swings and the seesaw which were major attractions are either broken or in disuse.

Musafirkhana resident Ram Mishra told IANS: “Earlier this park used to be major attraction for kids. But now no one is there to look after it.”

Mishra’s father Ram Dalan Mishra recalled that whenever Rajiv Gandhi used to even cross the area, he would spend some time at the park.

“But after his death, it seems its charm also died,” he said.

Syed Iqbal Haider, a social activist, said that the park is the biggest example of the (Uttar Pradesh government’s) Forest Department’s neglect.”

He said: “With the Congress not in power in UP, the state government has not cared for its maintenance.”

Local BJP leader Krishna Tiwari said that even the land at the park had been acquired by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

“But none of the officials of the Forest Department raised the claim of compensation,” he said.

The BJP leader said Congress President Rahul Gandhi should take up the matter to restore the work done by his late father.

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