On the instructions of Chief Minister – greater resolve to take concrete measures towards ensuring selfreliance of farmers through forest produce

Ranchi: Under the firm direction of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, the Sido-Kanhu Agriculture and Forest Products Union has been formed. The union is named after Veer Shaheed Sido- Kanho, with an ambition to bring all the farmers and forest produce collectors under one umbrella and ensure the strengthening of the rural economy.

The state of Jharkhand is blessed by the bounties and beauty of nature. The state boasts a unique abundance of Lac,
Tassar, Honey, Tamarind, Chironji, Sal seed, Mahua etc in its forests. Even then, the farmers of the state were not able to get fair prices for their produce. The formation of the Sidho-Kanho Union is a step to ensure economic prosperity and self-reliance for the farmers.

The process of modernizing all the PACS/LAMPS has been initiated with the target of providing a fair price and market for the forest produce Under the guidance of the Chief Minister, positive efforts are being made in this regard. In this context, a one-day workshop is being organised in all the district headquarters for the promotion of livelihood-related agriculture and forest produce through cooperatives. These workshops were held in Ranchi on February 17, 2023. 

Soon after the workshops membership drives will commence connecting all the PACS/LAMPS. The government also plans to provide training facilities to the members of LAMPS/ PACS across the state for their agriculture-related pursuits and produce. The responsibility of providing a market for products of the Sido-Kanhu Agriculture and Forest Products Union will be fulfilled, as previously achieved with the Palash brand. Its primary objective will be to ensure proper market access to all LAMP/PACS in the district, capacity building, processing and building a strong brand.

A three-tier structure is being formed under the Sido- Kanhu Agriculture and Forest Products Union. The LAMPS/PACS will work at the panchayat level, the union at the district level and the federation at the state level. Panchayat-level committees will perform the task of production and collection and the district-level union will take care of processing.

The concept of moving forward with forest products by facilitating the farmers’ access to a transparent and fair market gives a glimpse of a promising picture. With these measures, the Sido- Kanhu Agriculture and Forest Products Association will be able to create a distinct identity in the country in the field of agriculture and forest products.

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