No possibility of rain in Jharkhand for the next 5 days, temperature to increase in the next two days – MeT Department

Ranchi: The temperature has started increasing gradually in Jharkhand. Because of this, heat is being felt in the afternoon. According to the Meteorological Department, the weather will remain clear and dry right now. It has been sunny since morning in many districts of the state.

The Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of clear sky on Wednesday. Also, there is no possibility of rain or cloudy weather in any district of the state. The Meteorological Department has not issued any kind of alert in the forecast for March 11.

There is no possibility of change in the weather of the state from today till March 11. The effect of increasing temperature will definitely be seen in many parts of the state. The maximum temperature in the state is likely to be 30 degrees and the minimum temperature is likely to be 15 degrees Celsius.

If we look at the temperature of the last 24 hours, light to moderate rain was recorded at some places in the state. Thunder and lightning also occurred in many parts of the state. The highest rainfall in the state was recorded at Putki in Dhanbad. There was 26.4 mm rainfall here. The place where the wind speed was the fastest in the state was Khunti district. Here the wind blew at a speed of 75 km/hour.

The highest temperature in the state was recorded at 31.6 degrees Celsius in Godda. While the minimum temperature was 15.6 degrees Celsius. The effect of western disturbance has now completely ended in the state. Now the rising temperature has started indicating that summer has started knocking in the state.

In many districts of the state, the temperature is crossing the 30 degree mark. There was a slight drop in the minimum temperature due to the effect of western disturbance. Now even the mild cold in the morning and evening will be felt less. The morning temperature has also increased due to the strong morning sunlight.

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