Need for awareness on issues related to child rights in child protection: Rajeshwari B

Ranchi: Director of Jharkhand State Child Protection Institution Rajeshwari B said that many policies have been framed for children at the national and state level. Addressing a workshop in SIRD she said that to bring the same policies on the ground it is the duty to make every child of the society, especially the needy child aware of their rights.

The purpose of the workshop is that the society can be made aware on the issues related to child protection and child rights and can discharge the responsibilities towards children according to the policy principles.

Addressing the training workshop she said that there is a need to do special work for the nomadic children living on the streets as directed by the Supreme Court so that they can join the mainstream of society like ordinary children. To ensure their rights and entitlements she said that the priority should be to link the children who are residing in the institute and who have crossed the age of 18 years to the skill development programme.

There are about 2000 children living in the institute in Jharkhand. UNICEF’s Jharkhand chief Dr Kanika Mitra said that child trafficking is a serious problem in Jharkhand. Since 2019, about 996 children have been freed from traffickers of the rescued children, 410 are between the ages of 15 and 18. At the same time there are 359 such children whose age is 11 to 14 years. Apart from this the age of 126 rescued children is less than 10 years.

She said that the problem of children should be assessed at the Panchayat level. The main participants in the workshop were Child Protection Specialist from UNICEF, Preeti Srivastava, Rekha Khalkho from World Vision, Shyam Malik of Bachpan Bachao Andolan and others.

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