Mukti Sanstha cremated 21 unknown dead bodies

Ranchi: On Sunday, 21 unidentified dead bodies were cremated on the banks of the Jumar river by Mukti Sanstha with full legal rites.

The members of Mukti Sanstha packed the unidentified dead bodies from the mortuary of RIMS and took them to the Jumar river bank.

During this, Sitaram Kaushik, a senior member of the organization, lit the dead bodies.

The president of the organization Praveen Lohia told that till now a total of 1588 unidentified dead bodies have been cremated by Mukti Sanstha.

Ravi Agarwal, Saurabh Bathwal, Ujjwal Jain, Ratan Agarwal, RK Gandhi, Sandeep Papneza, Sandeep Kumar, Kamal Chowdhary, Sitaram Kaushik, Harish Nagpal, Sunil Agarwal and Ashish Bhatia were present.

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