MNREGA is improving people’s lives

Ranchi: In Nehalu Kapadia Panchayat under Bedo block of Ranchi district Krishna Oraon and Ramesh Oraon had taken mango plantation on four acres under Birsa Harit Gram Yojana. Now, these mango plants have grown, this year the beneficiaries earned Rs 55,000 by selling mangoes.

Along with common gardening, he was also given an irrigation well and 60×60 feet dobha. With the availability of irrigation wells, they are doing their economic upgradation by cultivating different types of greens and vegetables in addition to mangoes on the entire four acres.

Along with this, they are increasing their source of income by doing fish farming in the dobha. Beneficiary Krishna Oraon said that this year he sold tomatoes worth Rs 75,000. On the other hand, there was a profit of Rs 40,000 from peas and about Rs 40,000 from ginger.

In this way, farmers Krishna Oraon and Ramesh Oraon from barren land have not only made their land cultivable but have also improved their livelihood by cultivating many vegetables along with mangoes.

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