March 23rd will be remembered in India for struggle and courage: Alok Dubey

Ranchi: State Congress Committee senior leaders Alok Kumar Dubey, Lal Kishore Nath Shahdeo and Dr Rajesh Gupta Chhotu said that the day of 23rd will once again be remembered in the history of India for struggle and courage.

He said that all Congress workers of Jharkhand are standing in solidarity with Rahul Gandhi. Congress leader Alok Kumar Dubey said that the whole machinery of power, scared and nervous is behind one person by applying price-punishment discrimination, but this son of the country, who walks on the path of truth is right and Rahul Gandhi will never back down from speaking the power of truth as the love and blessings of crores of countrymen are with him. 

He said the leader of the Congress party born from the womb of struggle and movement are never afraid of repressive action. The struggle will continue under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi regarding inflation, unemployment, and the falling economy he said. 

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