Maoists torch six vehicles in Jharkhand

Ranchi (IANS)┬áMaoist Guerrillas set on fire six vehicles in Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh district on Friday.

According to police, about 20 to 25 Maoists attacked a private construction company’s camp office involved in bridge construction over a river at Karigara river situated between Keredari and Piparwar police stations of Hazaribagh district. Maoist Guerrillas set on fire six vehicles used for construction work.

According to police sources, Maoist Guerrillas had sought Rs 8 crore levy from the construction company. The denial of levy is said to be the reason of the attack. On November 22, 10 to 15 Maoist Guerrillas had attacked the base camp of the same construction company and thrashed the labourers and snatched their mobiles. The construction company had stopped the work.

The work was restarted four days ago and Maoist Guerrillas attacked the construction company base camp and set on fire six vehicles on early Friday.

The company was constructing bridge at cost of more than RS 12 crore.

In another incident, Maoist Guerrillas set on fire a tractor at Palamau district.

Maoist Guerrillas had set on fire five vehicles on December 30 last year at Latehar and Palamau.

More than 60 vehicles involved in construction work were set on fire by the Maoist Guerrillas in 2019.

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