Lobin Hembram surrounded Badal in the House, said – Ministers are misleading the House

Ranchi:  JMM MLA Lobin Hembram alleged in the House that mining leases are being approved in Jharkhand without the consent of the Gram Sabha.

Responding on behalf of the government, in-charge minister Badal Patralekh said that under Rule 13 of the Jharkhand Minor Mineral Concession Rules 2004, there is a provision to give priority to Scheduled Tribe Cooperation Committee for approval of mining lease of minor minerals.

Under Rule 11 (a), it is mandatory to obtain free and full consent of the Gram Sabha before granting mining lease in the scheduled area.

The minister said that this rule is being followed.

On this, Lobin Hembram said that the minister is misleading the house.

Mines are being given on lease across the state without holding gram Sabhas.

The minister said that the MLA should tell anyone matter, the government will take action in the ongoing session.

After this, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Alamgir Alam stood up to answer and said that the lease is allotted through the Gram Sabha.

Further, he said that the honorable member Lobin Hembram has said many times regarding the mining lease that he is my friend, let’s see.

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