Khunti Police recovers vehicle hidden underground belonging to PLFI supremo Dinesh Gope

Khunti: Police has recovered a vehicle hidden underground belonging to PLFI supremo Dinesh Gope. Superintendent of police of Khunti Aman Kumar shared the experience saying it could be possible after his source informed him about the vehicle. It belongs to PLFI chief Dinesh Gope.

It is a Gypsy. It was hidden in 2014. Though so far we have not ascertained the model and its condition, we noticed that the tyre of the vehicle is intact. It has got rusted but otherwise, it is okay, the SP said.

Earlier we used to recover IEDs and bullets, this is for the first time we have recovered vehicles hidden underground, the SP said. The place from where the vehicle was recovered is close to Vidya Vihar Public School, Garai under the Rania police station area. 

With the help of the BDS team, the site was marked where a dark green-coloured gypsy was found in a dilapidated condition on digging. This vehicle was ordered by Dinesh Gope from the Latehar side.

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