Jharkhand reeling under cold waves, McCkluskieganj goes below two degrees

Ranchi: The winds coming from the north have gripped the state in cold wave with temperatures in many districts going below the five-degree mark.

The minimum temperature in McCkluskieganj has gone below two degrees with people also reporting dew drops freezing on rooftops and car tops. In Ranchi also the temperature has gone below the eight degrees mark.

The weather department has predicted that the temperature will further decline by most of the areas by 3-4 degrees.

The weather station has said that due to snowfall in the Himalayan region the speed of winds coming from north has increased due to which in half of the districts of the state the temperature has gone below 5 degrees. It has been predicted that in northern and central areas of the state the temperature may dip by one to two degrees while in southern, eastern and western areas the temperature can go below three to four degrees.

Due to cold waves despite the sun shining bright and high in the sky people were found sitting in the sun and later in the evening they preferred to remain in the comfort of their homes. Due to the sudden dip in the temperature shops selling warm clothes and garments are doing brisk business.

The markets and other places which were earlier buzzing with people are seeing a deserted look as soon as the sun sets in. People having to catch the buses and trains were too spotted catching breath in the warmth of a fire or over a cup of tea or coffee.

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