JD-U to organise public meetings of Lalan Singh in all five divisions of Jharkhand

Ranchi: In charge for JD-U affairs in Jharkhand and Building Construction Department Minister of Bihar Ashok Chowdhary said that lawyers of the state government will present their side on the issue of a notice being served by the Supreme Court to the Bihar Government in the case related to the release of Anand Mohan Singh from Jail.

Addressing a press conference here he said that as per the remission right of the state government the decision has been taken in this regard and such kind of decision has not been taken in any other state where CRPC and jail manual have been made as one he said adding that the lawyers of the state will present the stand on the court notice which has been issued and law will take its own course. However, he said that the decision has not been taken to lure 5 percent of Rajput voters in Bihar and whether he is a criminal or not the court will decide. 

Adding further he said that Nitish Kumar is working for opposition unity and is travelling to all the states and is also likely to come to Jharkhand also. He said that Jharkhand has been a part of Bihar and there are 14 Lok Sabha seats here however Congress is a big political party which has a pan India impact while regional political parties has influence in their respective states therefore unless Congress comes with us the pan india impact of opposition unity will not be possible and the same has been stated by Nitish Kumar.

The Minister said that Congress is part and parcel of this opposition unity but on the issue of who would lead this opposition the answer to this question will come when all the people will sit together but at present Nitish Kumar is speaking with all the leaders so that a joint opposition unity can be stitched to take on the BJP. On asked as to whether Nitish Kumar is travelling to Maharashtra to meet Uddhav Thackery on May 11th he said that for opposition unity he is meeting many leaders and he can go there also.

On the controversy surrounding Baba Bageshwar’s visit to Bihar, he said that any saint who comes with the ‘Punji’ of Sanatan Dharma he will be welcomed in the state but if they would come on agenda on the land of Sufi saints of BIhar which is also the land of Makdum Shah Mahaveer Jain and Gurugobind Singh and try to damage the damage the ‘Ganga Jamuni Tahzeeb’ of Bihar he was against that.

On party’s plans for Jharkhand he said that he along with other two co-incharges of the state will travel across the districts from May 20-30 and this yatra will be completed in two phases during which the party will hold deliberations and also develop new leadership for the state after which across all the five divisions of Jharkhand rallies of national president Lalan Singh will be held and later the party will try to organise a state level program in Ranchi in which Nitish Kumar will also attend.

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