IT dept sends notices to those who exchanged more than Rs 10 lakh in demonetisation

Ranchi: Principal chief Income Tax Commissioner for Jharkhand and Bihar KC Ghumaria said that the last date for filling the fourth instalment of the advance tax is on March 15th. Briefing the press he said that officers of the Income Tax Department are keeping an eye on those who are paying the taxes on time and those who are not filing their returns on them action would be also taken. He said that those who had exchanged more than Rs 10 lakh currency at the time of demonetisation they are being sent notices to file the returns and said that in Jharkhand only 150 such cases have been identified out of which 73 have responded while against 66 prosecutions would be filed.

He said that the income tax department would take action against such people who have purchased land of the tribal through Dan Patras and said that a total of 837 such people have been identified out of which action is being taken on
135 while on others probe is on. He said that as for the State Law action should be taken on such people and if the government wants to then the same would be provided by the Income Tax Department and said that such tribals have also sold their land would be facing
action of the department.

Mr Ghumariya said that FIRs would be registered on 1,200 people hailing from Bokaro and Ramgarh district who have claimed the wrong refund and said that from 204 people 8400000 have been collected and in this case, FIR have been registered against three men. He said that most of these people are first-time offenders while some have done the mistake twice or thrice whereas in cases of joint development assessments out of 700 cases 643 such cases have been found where tax has not been paid.

Mr Ghumaria said that 50 honest taxpayers would be honoured by the department as last year 10 such people were felicitated. Divulging data he said that advance tax collection has gone up by 15 pc, TDS 13 pc and so has the regular tax. He said
that the all India growth rate was 12.8 pc while the growth rate in Jharkhand and Bihar was 12.3 pc.

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