Instructions to purchase sports material for 35 thousand schools till January 15

Ranchi : To promote sports in government schools, Kiran Kumari Pasi, State Project Director of Jharkhand Education Department, has issued instructions to purchase sports material for 35438 government schools of the state.

She has issued a letter to all the District Education Officers cum District Program Officers directing them to purchase sports material by January 15.

An amount of Rs 28.88 crore has been approved for sports material.

In the issued letter, guidelines have been given for purchasing sports material for the financial year 2023-24.

In the issued letter that in the Project Approval Board (PAB) organized by the Government of India for education, an amount of Rs. 22.15 crore has been approved for sports and physical education in primary school and upper primary school and Rs. 6.72 crore has been approved for secondary and senior secondary.

Which has been transferred to purchase sports material in all the government schools of the state.

Funds have been allocated at the rate of Rs 5 thousand to primary schools of the state, Rs 10 thousand to middle schools and Rs 25 thousand per school to secondary and higher secondary schools.

There are 21183 primary schools, 11565 middle schools, 1705 secondary and 985 higher secondary government schools in the state, for which an amount of Rs 28.88 crore has been allocated.

A committee has also been formed at the school level to purchase sports materials.

In which the headmaster and in-charge headmaster of the school, the president, the physical education teacher of the school and the school management committee members have been included.

The responsibility of providing quality sports materials has been given to the District Education Superintendent, District Education Officer and 4 physical education teachers of the district.

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