India alliance is a gang of corrupt people across the country – Zafar Islam

Ranchi: BJP state spokesperson Syed Zafar Islam fiercely attacked the India alliance. Zafar Islam said that the India alliance is a gang of corrupt people of the entire country. Wherever there is a coalition government, there is looting. 

The governments running in the states with the support of India Alliance are working as sleeper cells of corruption. The money looted from the states is being sent to Delhi. 

In Jharkhand too, the Hemant government is working as a sleeper cell of corruption. Similarly, Nitish Lalu is looting in Bihar and his nephew in West Bengal. Zafar Islam said that the India alliance mainly has two agendas. 

First corruption and second collusion. This alliance is also violating constitutional institutions. The leaders of the alliance first insulted President Draupadi Murmu and then tried to insult the Vice President also. These people are using Parliament as a laughter show.

Their respect for the Parliament has also ended. The public has made up its mind that they will uproot these corrupt people in the next elections.

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