India Ahead shuts down, employees not paid for months

New Delh (IANS) India Ahead, a private English news channel, shut down its operations, leaving its employees in a state of uncertainty.

The employees have alleged that they have not been paid their salaries for several months.

All the employees, including reporters and anchors, are now demanding their dues and have come down heavily on the authorities.

Speaking to IANS, a top management official, who didnt wish to be named, said that the management is doing everything possible to pay salary to the employees.

Ridhima Kedia, a journalist, tweeted, “We had the company’s back till the end, like the very end, the least we would ask for is honesty. The HR also has no answer as far as salaries are concerned and this is unfair! This is simply unacceptable.”

Soon after this tweet, Bhupender Chaubey, former Editor-in Chief at India Ahead, responded that owners of the company is doing everything possible to help all the employees.

Another ex-employee blamed the India Ahead management for not responding to her calls.

“It’s true. I am an ex-employee and I didn’t receive nearly two months’ pay. My mails to HR and accounts team went unanswered,” tweeted Akanksha Verma.

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