Herd of elephants demolished houses, trampled crops in Baharagora

Jamshedpur: Wild elephants demolished houses in Chakulia and Baharagora blocks. An elephant entered Dhilahara village of Baharagora at night. The thatched house of Govind Soren was demolished. People sleeping in the house ran away to save their lives. At the same time, the elephant also ate a sack of paddy kept in the house.

The elephant again entered Shyam Murmu’s house and destroyed the paddy crop kept outside the house. Here, an elephant also entered Bagdiha village of Chakulia. They entered the courtyard of Bhogan Hansda’s house and destroyed the paddy crop by eating and trampling it.

The elephant also destroyed the vegetable garden. Bhogan Hansda has suffered huge loss in this. The victim said that a group of elephants numbering 10 is in the Bagdiha-Sherah forest, while a group of three elephants are taking shelter in the Pakudiya-Rehdashol forest.

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