Hemant Soren warns of action against officials found negligent in execution of development works & solving problems of people

Jamshedpur: Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that the government will not hold back from taking strict action against the officers who show negligence and laxity in the execution of development schemes and addressing the problems of the people.

While reviewing the ongoing development works in East Singhbhum and Saraikela Kharsawan districts in Jamshedpur he said that the officers should perform their duties responsibilities and obligations with full honesty and integrity and there should be no laxity in the implementation of the schemes.

He said that they should listen to the problems of the public with full sensitivity and solve them. Continuing further he said that the review is being done at the district level and very soon and aggressively the government will come to know the ground reality of the schemes for which the officers should be fully prepared.

The Chief Minister said that in the last 20 years after the formation of a separate state parties in power have only played “games” but could not score. In these years 24 hours Electricity-water facility, proper arrangement of irrigation, rural connectivity, better arrangement of roads should have been made in the state with which Jharkhand could have been brought in the category of developed states but it is a matter of concern that in reality, the state is nowhere.

He said that not much time is left now and the officers will have to act at a fast pace. He said that the government spends a major part of the budget every year on various schemes but is a matter of concern that even after investing lakhs and crores of rupees on the schemes, there is no database for them.

What is the reality of the schemes when it is not possible to get proper information about it. In such a situation, how will we move forward he asked and instructed the officers to take the issue seriously so that positive results can be obtained from the investment on the schemes. 

The Chief Minister told the officers that they should tell any such scheme in which they have achieved the best and which has been accepted as ideal at the level of the whole country and has been adopted by any state. But, it is a matter of concern that they are far behind in this matter. Let us make our schemes so successful that we can set them as an example in front of the whole country he said. 

He said that there is no dearth of money with the government for development work but the investment being made on the schemes is not getting the output which is because of flaws in the system.

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