Health Minister Banna Gupta started population stabilization campaign in the state on 35th World Population Day

Ranchi: Health Minister Banna Gupta said the manner in which the population is increasing today is a matter of concern. Its side effects are visible in the field of economy, global warming, employment etc. Due to the tampering, we are unable to with nature, big problems are going to arise in the future.

He said that the number of women in the country is less as compared to men due to dowry harassment and female feticide in the society for the want of a son. He was addressing the program organized at Hotel BNR Chanakya Auditorium in Ranchi on the occasion of 35th World Population Day.

On this occasion, he also flagged off an awareness chariot to make people aware about population control. This campaign is being run in the state from 27 June to 31 July. CHO manual, Sahiya booklet and brochure were also released in the programme. Along with this, new initiative kits were distributed among the newly married couples.

At the same time, doctors working in the field of health, NHM, Sahiya, etc. were also honoured. The minister said Jharkhand is close to the national average in the area of population control. He said the minor difference that is there will also be removed soon.

He said there has been a decrease in infant and maternal mortality rate in the state. More than 5 lakh women have been sterilized in 5 years under family planning, but the number of vasectomies is very less.

We need to make people aware of this direction. Minister Banna Gupta said that today we need to change the mind-set. Be it a son or a daughter, there should be a mind-set to see both equally. Be it Munna or Muniya, there is a need to adopt the principle that there should be only two children in the family.

He said we should take a vow that as soon as a girl child is born in a house, plant fruit trees and also play an important role in environmental protection. Addressing the program, Additional Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Singh said India is a country of youth.

In 1951, when the population of India was around 36 crores, on the occasion of 35th World Population Day, it increased to around 140 crores. This increasing population rate is a matter of grave concern. On the occasion of this Population Day, we are working to make the people of Jharkhand aware through the Population Stabilization Campaign. Under this, the awareness chariot has been flagged off.

The awareness chariot will go to different areas of the state to make people aware about population control from June 27 to July 31. He said it is necessary to bring stability in the population to improve the standard of living of the  people. He said women in rural areas are being made aware of their health. Has fought against anaemia and malnutrition. 

The health department is now going to add cancer to the list of notified diseases. With this, the government will be able to become aware of the reality of cancer patients and take steps for their benefit. Still many misconceptions about this disease are spread among rural women. Work is also being done to resolve this.

On this occasion, Additional Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Singh, Campaign Director of National Health Mission Alok Trivedi, Additional Campaign Director Vidyanand Pankaj Sharma, Nodal Officer Family Planning, Director Chief, Civil Surgeon, NHM and health of various districts Representatives from USAID Momentum, IngenderHealth, PSI India, PHSI and FRHS India associated with the State Health Department were also present.

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