Guru Mann’s ‘Pagalpan Next Level’ has a unique Akshay Kumar connection

Mumbai (IANS) The posters of fitness sensation Guru Mann’s upcoming film ‘Pagalpan Next Level’ have rekindled the memories of the Bollywood movie, the Akshay Kumar-starrer ‘International Khiladi’, which was directed by renowned filmmaker Umesh Mehra.

In an interesting twist of fate, ‘International Khiladi’ has a unique connection with ‘Pagalpan Next Level’ as the latter film is helmed by Aryeman Keshu Ramsay, who is the son of Umesh Mehra.

The inspiration for these uncanny comparisons arises from the striking visual parallels between the two films.

Both Guru, who plays the lead in ‘Pagalpan Next Level’, and Akshay Kumar, who headlined ‘International Khiladi’, are fitness icons who have indelibly marked the landscape of fitness in India.

The visual similarities in both ‘Pagalpan Next Level’ and ‘International Khiladi’ are captured in intense and powerful poses of Guru and Akshay that radiate raw energy. This powerful imagery forms a common thread that binds these two movies across time.

Even the journeys of Guru Mann and Akshay Kumar are quite similar. Both of them started as industry outsiders, who, through sheer dedication and their unwavering passion for fitness, carved their own niches in the highly competitive world of Indian entertainment.

Talking about the film, director Aryeman said: “When I started on the journey of making ‘Pagalpan Next Level’, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between this project and my father’s creation, ‘International Khiladi.’ His vision and cinematic legacy have always been a guiding light in my life. ‘International Khiladi’ was a film that left a mark on me, and it featured the charismatic Akshay Kumar in a groundbreaking role.”

He further mentioned: “With ‘Pagalpan Next Level,’ my intention was not just to create a biopic about Guru Mann but to pay homage to the essence of dedication, passion, and transformation that both Guru and Akshay Sir represent. They both lead simple lives. Fitness is the fulcrum of their existence. They sleep early. Parties are far and few in between. Both wake up really early. They have no vices, they eat clean. The parallels were there and one couldn’t have missed it! This film is an ode to the spirit of those like Akshay Sir and Guru, who remain focused on their dream and walk the path.”

In ‘Pagalpan Next Level’, Guru Mann’s story unfolds as a spirited troublemaker who evolves into a global fitness icon on a mission to make India fit. This transformation mirrors the essence of his real-life journey, where he transitioned from his initial persona to become a symbol of fitness inspiration for countless Indians.

Similarly, Akshay Kumar’s arc in ‘International Khiladi’ reflects his own path to stardom. Hailing from a background in martial arts, he steadily ascended to become a renowned action star and a celebrated fitness enthusiast. The parallels between Mann’s evolution in the movie and Akshay Kumar’s real-life trajectory are remarkable and offer a sense of nostalgia, connecting two eras and two influential figures in the world of fitness and entertainment.

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