Gang rape of minor returning from church, four arrested

Khunti: An incident of gang rape of a minor returning from church has been carried out. This incident happened in the Tapkara police station area. Where an incident of gang rape took place with a minor girl who was returning after praying from the church on the occasion of Christmas.

According to the information, the minor had reached her friends’ church on the occasion of Christmas. She was returning to the hostel after prayers. Meanwhile, the accused were sitting and talking in Bhelki Tongri. Then two youths named Miraj and Shahbaz reached there and scared both of them and asked them to leave the girl home. After this, he took the minor with himself and kept her in a house and committed rape. Here, when the minor did not reach her hostel till late night, the hostel management informed her family.

The family members first tried to find out on their own and when nothing was found, they informed the Tapkara police station. As soon as the morning came, the accused left the girl at the same place from where they had picked her up and fled. After which the girl somehow reached her home and gave complete information to the family. After which the family took her to the police and told them about the rape.

Police arrested 4 accused involved in the incident. At present, the police are preparing to interrogate the accused and send them to jail. Apart from Miraj Khan and Shahbaz Khan, it includes Golu alias Husnain Khan and others.

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