Forty months old Government cannot be awakened, now is the time for public mobilisation says Sudesh

Ranchi: Central President of AJSU Party and former Deputy Chief Minister of the state Sudesh Kumar Mahto said that the post of Chief Minister and Cabinet Minister cannot be a learning school.

Addressing a meeting of the party workers after staging a state-level Nyay March in the capital he said that government is formed to make policies and take decisions according to public sentiment. The government is never formed even for a half-hearted experiment he said adding that those who did not have any leadership ability and vision got power.

As a result, in 40 months, the state has suffered a lot socially and politically. OBC, ST, and SC have been cheated a lot. Along with this, he made a factual and systematic attack on the failures, faulty policies, and looting attitudes of the government. He said that the government of 40 months could not implement a single policy clearly.

Neither the policy was made nor the youth got jobs. He said that the government should be asked why the Johar Yatra was stopped and what was the basis of the Johar Yatra. The truth is that by promising 1932, they implemented 2023 and now a new formula of 60- 40 has come, but the Chief Minister never discusses this formula. Here the youth are forced to agitate on the streets.

In return, they have to face lathis he said adding that the cabinet decision was taken to give employment to 75 percent local people in private institutions, but when the local policy has not been decided then who will get the benefit of this? 

Sudesh said that they have not come to wake up the government through social justice marches and movements as now the time to wake up the government is over.

The government of 40 months has not woken up and has no moral right to sit on the post. Now is the time for the people of Jharkhand to stand up and evaluate the work of the government. He said AJSU will not sit idly by for the next 20 months.

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