For ‘The Gone Game’ Season 2, Shweta Tripathi to focus only on her character

Mumbai (IANS)¬†Actress Shweta Tripathi Sharma, who is a regular on the medium of OTT, across all platforms, doesnt want to go through the same drill which she had to during the first season of her web show ‘The Gone Game’.

Calling the experience of shooting season 2 of ‘The Gone Game’ Shweta told IANS, “In season 1, we were handling all the departments by ourselves, be it the art direction, lighting or camera. My husband (actor-rapper Chaitanya Sharma, professionally known as Slow Cheeta) was operating the camera for me while I was in my character.”

She continued, “There were many times where we had to redo certain things because the frame was not coming out right or the leading lines were not quite right on point because we actors are not as good as the cinematographers or the camera technicians who do it professionally on a regular basis.”

“To add to that the trouble of transferring the footage at the end of the day was very taxing.”

For now, the actress has left the taxing set-up behind and doesn’t seem to be interested in shooting and simultaneously setting up for her part all by herself, at least not in the near future, “Would I have done it again for season 2, definitely no, as you might have guessed from my experience (she says laughing).”

“It’s better to leave things to the professionals and focus on my character and my acting, which is my profession.”

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